About Us


Welcome to our Boutique!  I'm Cindy and I started this boutique in 2015. We launched with trendy clothes and then ventured into accessories.  That's where I found leather earrings.  Yes, I know they've been around awhile, but my interest really peaked with what I could do with leather.  So over the past year or so we've transitioned to leather earrings and graphic tees. With a little more freedom to be creative, I feel we can offer unique styles and trends. 

Just a little about us...together my husband and I have 9 kids, 6 grandkids (another one on the way), and 5 fur-kids.  We live in the Orlando area now but will be relocating to Lakeland, Fl very soon. We have family property in Georgia and just purchased property in North Carolina.  We enjoy spending time up there whenever we get a chance.